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As a national leader in the use of technology in music education, George is a frequent presenter at national music educator conventions, such as:

Over the years, he has presented to various state and local educational gatherings and has conducted numerous workshops for music teachers. He has also presented at the World Piano Conference in Europe. Other conferences include:

More recently, George has been asked to lecture to various college classes from his studio in Massachusetts using video conferencing, such as Apple's iChat. In recent months he has presented in this way to classes at Keene State College (at the invitation of Dr. Craig Sylvern) and Hamline University (at the invitation of Dr. Stella Sick).

George's recent presentation topics have included the following:
  • Teaching Outside the Box: Long-Distance Technologies to Connect Your Studio to Students across Town or around the Globe
    Explore practical, Internet-based options for teaching individual students, master classes, and even music history or theory courses. No matter where you or your students live, you can teach in their homes without ever leaving your studio

    This session includes a live Internet connection featuring easy-to-use video conferencing as well as an actual connection between two MIDI instruments that are miles apart.

    George presented this session with colleagues Shana Kirk and Dr. Mario Ajero (Stephen F. Austin State University) at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in August 2007

  • A Window Into Your Musical Soul
    Hollywood has portrayed musicians and music teachers in many ways over the years. Let
    George take you on a passionate and humorous tour which—quite surprisingly—may
    give you a new perspective on your musical self.

    This session was first presented to music teachers at
    MTNA 2007 in Toronto.

  • From Technophobes to Techies, Everyone Can Teach Using Modern Tools: Whichever YOU Are, We’ve Got Ideas For YOU!
    Let’s face it, many teachers still have their doubts and fears about technology! This session demonstrate how a traditional teacher and self-professed technophobe, Ingrid Clarfield, overcame her fears and is now a “user.” Super-techie, George Litterst, enlightens all with the myriad of ways he incorporates technology.

    This session was jointly presented by Ingrid Clarfield and George Litterst to music teachers at MTNA 2007 in Toronto.

  • Teaching in the Future NOW!
    Your student may be a few blocks away or a few thousand miles away. In either situation, your student is really as close as your personal computer. If both you and your student have a Disklavier Mark IV piano, you can have a real-time lesson over the Internet in which you each play each others instrument.

    This presentation was given at the NAMM 2007 convention. A video clip may be found here.

  • Putting it all Together: Using Personal Computers in the 21st Century Piano Laboratory
    The modern piano lab comes equipped with digital pianos, audio control system, personal computers at each station, and video projector. Add some intelligent music software, and the entire room comes to life!

    This session was presented to piano and piano pedagogy teachers at the National Group Piano/Piano Pedagogy Forum in 2002.

George is available for presentations and workshops on a variety of musical topics, including piano pedagogy, piano performance, and applications of music technology in music education and performance.


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